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The MonoDome D24M represents the affordable generation of cameras by MOBOTIX. It features an array of lenses and enough computing power to display and record 30 frames per second including audio. The D24 camera includes a camera module that can be freely positioned in almost any direction of a room. Using an external microphone and speakers, the D24 supports bidirectional audio, records lip-synchronous audio and can send alarm messages to the user based on SIP using its integrated IP telephony features. To supply power, simply attach the camera to a standard PoE switch or use the cost-efficient MOBOTIX power supply to supply power via the network cabling. The D24M-Night version of the camera has one monochrome sensor (1280x960) with infrared lens. The D12D-Outdoor Dual FixDome camera with wall mount and weather protection is ideally suited for buildings with state-of-the-art façades. The new wall mount provides partially concealed cabling and fully covers standard RJ45 wall outlets. The D12D features two camera modules attached to movable swivel mounts, which provide for free positioning of the modules in almost any direction. When using two Fisheye lenses, the camera can show a field of vision of 180 degrees wide. The Night version of the camera has one color camera module with daylight lens and one B/W camera module with IR-sensitive lens. Depending on the illumination, the D12D-Night will automatically switch between the day and night camera modules—reliably and without any moving parts.

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